99 Blogging Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

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I’m sure you would have read thousands of blogging tips from n-number of blogs. Every blogger has his/her own way to share their daily blog tips with their audience.

The internet is an over whelming place filled with information. As bloggers we are all inclined in a certain way to share our experiences and expertise in the field of online marketing.

I’m a regular reader of blogs like Blogging Tips, Daily Blog Posts, Goins Writer, and Smart Passive Income that continue to share some excellent blogging tips for every type of blogger.

While everyone does their part, I think its time I put up my list of tips, tips that I’ve learned and or experienced as a blogger of the 7 years I’ve been blogging.

Blogging and internet marketing has taught me a lot about making money, being independent and even learning to overcome my fears in a certain way.

99 Blogging Tips So You Don’t Miss Anything

  1. Ask questions to your readers
  2. Ask your readers for ideas
  3. Avoid black hat seo
  4. Avoid duplicate content
  5. Backup your blog
  6. Be awesome
  7. Be consistent
  8. Be honest with claims
  9. Be unique
  10. Become an expert in your niche
  11. Blogs take time to generate traffic and revenue
  12. Check out popular topics on other blogs
  13. Choose your niche wisely, not too big and not too small
  14. Commit to a publishing schedule
  15. Conduct keyword research when writing articles
  16. Create a unique writing style that readers love
  17. Define your blog’s purpose
  18. Do not clutter your sidebar
  19. Do not try to copy or replicate other bloggers
  20. Don’t give up
  21. Don’t measure stats too early
  22. Don’t write too little or too much
  23. Encourage community engagement through comments
  24. Expect critics
  25. Experiment with different revenue sources
  26. Feature advice from industry experts
  27. Find ways to regularly get inspired
  28. Follow proven blueprints
  29. Generate leads with an email list early on
  30. Generate quality content on a consistent basis
  31. Get to know other bloggers personally
  32. Give customers the information they want and actively seek
  33. Give stuff away for free
  34. Give yourself time off
  35. Good content is the skeleton of any blog
  36. Google can mess up your search rankings
  37. Guest post
  38. Have a spare post ready for publication
  39. Include data in blog posts
  40. Inspire your readers with your close
  41. Integrate product messages
  42. Keep a list of blog post ideas
  43. Keep costs as low as possible
  44. Keep track of investments
  45. Learn the basics of seo and more
  46. Leverage social bookmarks
  47. Link to other blogs as often as possible
  48. Link to previous content
  49. List your best articles
  50. Love your existing readers
  51. Maintain a social sharing checklist
  52. Make it easy for visitors to contact you
  53. Make your content easy to share
  54. Make your posts scannable
  55. Map every blog post to one of your buyer personas
  56. Measure, adjust and measure some more
  57. Network with other bloggers
  58. Offer useful tools or resources
  59. Optimise each post with images
  60. Optimise your blog for seo
  61. Optimise your blog for seo and donít change it ever
  62. Participate in blogging projects
  63. Participate in online forums like problogger community
  64. Pick a quality theme
  65. Place ads wisely
  66. Proofread
  67. Provide a series of articles
  68. Put a link on your signature
  69. Research before you write
  70. Save some spare posts for emergencies
  71. Share content your audience is looking for
  72. Short sentences win
  73. Sprinkle questions all over your content
  74. Start writing early
  75. Take the time to promote your content
  76. Think before you write
  77. Understand your audience
  78. Use a rss reader like feedly
  79. Use a short and easy to remember blog name
  80. Use examples and case studies
  81. Use google trends to gain insight about the latest search queries
  82. Use paragraphs
  83. Use readable fonts
  84. Use relative sub headings
  85. Use feedburner
  86. Use google analytics
  87. Use meta tags wisely
  88. Use pictures wherever possible
  89. Use WordPress
  90. Watch what experts do
  91. Write about what you love
  92. Write as often as possible
  93. Write catchy headlines
  94. Write content thatís not just about your products and services
  95. Write down the structure of your blog post
  96. Write for yourself first
  97. Write timeless content
  98. Write with a personal touch
  99. Write with perspective

This is not all, there are even more tips out there. I’m sure you have a few awesome tips up your selves as well. Do share them with me and help the community grow.

We are all experts in some way and we are all here to learn and grow together as a community. The guys at First Site Guide were kind enough to share this awesome free blogging guide with the Eddie Gear Community & I’m happy to pass it along to you. The best part is that you don’t even have to sign up to get the guide, just click and download.



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