5 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Blogging

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On a beautiful Friday evening I was sitting on the rooftop gazing at the skies and realized that there was so much more in this world and I am just a speck in it. The earth is a speck in the galaxy, and our solar system in the milky-way and I virtually do not exist when compared to the millions if not billions of stars in the universe.

It was then it gleaned on me that I was worrying myself unnecessarily and getting depressed for no reason. You might not know it, but my 2015 performance was not up to par and I did not meet my goals. I’ve set some pretty high goals for 2016 and have already started to feel the pressure.

I started off with blogging in 2007 and today I’m at the stage where I’ve been creating my own products. Its easy to start a blog, or write a popular blog post and even start to make money with a blog. But with all of this comes a lot of responsibility and unwanted stress.

I love blogging and creating new products, services or solutions. But my anxiety always seems to get the better of me. But on this day something opened my eyes and showed me that I did not have to worry and everything had its purpose and value and my blog was also doing what it was intended to do in the blogosphere.

1. You Are A Perfect Blogger

No matter the mistakes you make as a blogger you are still perfect. Blogging is a learning process where you improve along the way and become a better writer, marketer and drive traffic like you cannot imagine. Don’t let anyone tell you what you are not fit to be a blogger or you are not cut out to be a blogging.

Take it one step at a time and keep moving forward and you will eventually strike gold. Just don’t quit already. Millions of bloggers quit each day because they give up on their dreams and hope right when they are about to start making money online. All you have to do is keep in mind that you are a perfect blogger and there is nothing wrong with you.

2. You Can Make Money With A Blog

Making money with a blog is not hard, there are mommy bloggers who make a whole lot of money and also several other bloggers who make money. I even have a Pinterest board collecting the list of bloggers who publish their income reports. If you are interested you can follow the Pinterest Income Report board. This is a collection of social proof that bloggers can make money online and lots of it.

Do not quit just because you have not yet started to see the money come in, last year I only made $1000 when my blog has the potential to make over $12000 annually. There is so much more that you can do better with a blog to make money. Focus on quality content, monetization models and consistency and you will be on your way to making money with a blog.

3. Plan Well And Every Step Of The Way

Blog planning, this is something that I did not do very well when I started to blog back in 2007. Blogging was more a fun activity for me and I enjoyed and still enjoy sharing knowledge by blogging. My first tip would be to get your hands on the Epic Blog Planner and start planning your blog every step of the way.

This will keep you organized and remind you of the various things you need to do as a blogger and also get things done in a timely and consistent manner. The important point to follow here is to keep your head in the game and plan it all out.

4. Your Blog Is Unique

Your blog is unique no matter how many other blogs are out there in the same niche that you are in. Many bloggers think that they are in a niche where there is too many blogs, but the truth is that you write about the subject with your opinion and experience on the subject. This helps shed light on the subject in a way that the reader never viewed it before.

Keep writing and don’t give up too soon and always believe in your blog and what it can do for you and your growth online. As long as you continue to share your experience and opinion your blog will remain unique.

5. Don’t Ever Quit Blogging

In an earlier post I highlight the reasons why someone should quit blogging. Now, I tell you its better if you continue. While my views might be contradicting, at some point you have to throw in the towel when and if you figure out its not your thing even if there is money in it.

You might lose out on something, but working or something that you do not love is like being slave to your master. Do not quit blogging. There are amazing things that you will experience as a blogger. Meet new people, network with top guns and even get nominated for various awards and make money blogging.

In Summary, do not let anyone tell you that you are not fit to blog or call yourself a blogger. You can always better yourself and as part of life we are all constantly working to be better than ourselves from yesterday. Staying focused and determined in the key to your success as a blogger.

Question: Have you ever reached a point where you lost all hope, and faith as a blogger. Have you been treated in a way that you believed that you could never do anything. Has anyone made you look small? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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