Income Reports and Their Impact on Bloggers.

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Over the last two years there are more and more bloggers publishing income reports online. Correct me if I am wrong, I believe that it was Pat Flynn who made the whole income report thing popular in the first place. He is one of the very few bloggers who proudly showcases his earnings every month and year.

It is not easy to make money with a blog and when a blogger is able to achieve that goal they proudly showcase their income reports to their readers. While that is just one side of the story, there are other bloggers like Pradeep from HellBoundBloggers who likes to keep their earnings private and not showcase it to the public.

There are a lot of pro and cons to both these approaches and for today’s article I will focus on what happens when a blogger posts his or her income report online. I’ve even been doing some research and collecting a whole lot of income reports and putting them together on a Pinterest board that you can follow.

Here are some of the Impact that a blog income report has on readers world wide.

  • It Motivates
  • It Leads To Comparison Resulting In Low Self Esteem
  • Builds Trust And Authority
  • You Are Nothing But A Show Off

It Motivates

Income reports are a great way to motivate your readers. Showcasing the blogs income reports on a regular basis shows your readers how much money you really make just from blogging and some more details into what are the streams that are driving income. This gives readers a good perspective into blogging and if they should take up blogging as a career.

As many of my readers know I’ve been blogging for about 9 years now and when I started off, income from blogs were kept private. But, as the years passed bloggers began to share their income and as I began to read these income reports I was even more motivated to blog better and make more money from blogging. This is one of the main reasons several bloggers publish income reports on a regular basis so as to motivate their readers.

It Leads To Comparison Resulting In Low Self Esteem

While motivation is one of the positives of sharing income reports regularly there are also downsides to this. There are several readers and bloggers who are impacted by this. They slowly begin to compare themselves with the bloggers who are making hundreds and thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

This comparison results in low self esteem of the blogger or reader. They begin to doubt themselves and start to think that they will never be able to make so much money as these top bloggers do. What they fail to understand is that it has taken top bloggers years of trial and error and perfecting a system that generates thousands of dollars.

None the less, this can also be a demotivating factor for many bloggers and can lead them to quit blogging. Over a period of time things get more and more complicated specially if you are blogger who is trying to make more money blogging.

Builds Trust And Authority

Income reports are a great way to build trust and respect among your readers and peers. Many consider bloggers as show offs because of the display of their earnings as bloggers. Many till this day cannot believe that bloggers can make money blogging. But the truth is that bloggers are making money including myself 🙂 and showcasing this earning helps people know that you are genuine and you are not making up things to make money.

Readers and bloggers trust bloggers like Pat and Darren because they showcase or at some point have showcased their earnings and their potential. This helps readers believe and trust them and the recommendations and advice that they offer to their readers. This helps both the readers and the blogger grow there is mutual benefit.

You Are Nothing But A Show Off

There are several blogger who simply put up their earnings just to show off how much they make. However if you take a closer look at their blog there would be little to nothing that they share or teach their readers. They just maintain a primary blog to let their readers know that they are running some niche site that they can’t reveal yet they can reveal all the income they make.

These are bloggers who are not really helping the blogging community or even helping their peers make money and set up a business. These are bloggers who are self centered and self interested in their own growth and success. This is the simple reason these bloggers are called as show offs. Because all they want to do is let their readers know how much money they make and even this cannot be verified as no supporting documents or proofs are shared.

In Summary, blog income reports can be both good and bad for readers and bloggers. They motivate some readers and lower the self esteem of many, they are used as a manipulative technique into getting their readers believe that they are rock-stars in their industry. With all this said, its always good to see a blogger do well in the industry.

Question: Are you a blogger who shares his or her income report? Which bucket do you fall under? What is the main reason you publish your income report?


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