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4 Link Building Strategies for SEO That Still Work Today

Link Building has always been the backbone of search rankings. No matter how Google altered its algorithm it always made sure that backlinks had the highest value to rank any website on the internet. Link building strategies have changed dramatically over the years while many of them do not work today, there are quite a few that still stand strong.

Take guest blogging for example, bloggers have been building backlinks by writing articles on other blogs for a long time, even after being told that it is bad. The point that everyone missed was guest blogging for a backlink is not bad but doing it in high margins can impact your site performance in search engines in both positive and negative ways.

However if the strategy is applied correctly you can gain good results from guest blogging. I will talk about guest blogging more in one of the sections below. For now let’s focus on the link building strategies that work in the current timeline we live in and how we can make the most of it.


20 Backlink Strategies for the Daily Blogger

Backlinks of the highest quality are essential if you are trying to achieve a respectable ranking in the search engines. Right after you have set up a blog, the first thing that you need to do is create unique content. Once that is done, it is important that you focus on backlink strategies that are both easy to execute and effective.

To save you a few valuable hours of research work and days of experimentation, I have compiled a list of the 20 most effective backlink strategies that works for bloggers.

1) Make Use of Local Links

As a blogger, you are writing for the global audience. This often makes you forget how important the local audience and businesses are to you. Your blog may not necessarily address local issues, but they will almost always have a strong local following. To capitalize on the presence of a local audience, you must use local links and citations. These will help you rank locally based keywords.


How to Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords that Dominate Google Search

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If you want to increase the influx of visitors to your website, then your safest bet is to create a blog that is based on premium, fresh and intriguing content. Such a blog will attract the attention of visitors both old and new, and serves as the best way to keep your website relevant and appealing. Thinking about creating a blog is not enough. You need to take immediate action to improve traffic. If you are running empty on ideas, here are 101 traffic generating tips that will get your right back on track. Content Makes the Difference 1) Make your headlines eye-catching 2) Make sure your content exudes excellence. It should be humorous, entertaining and informative all at the same time. 3) Write posts which are longer in length to showcase your expertise. 4) Try to be specific. Do not beat around the bush and annoy the readers. 5)…


4 Strategies to Instantly Improve Domain Authority

Everyone knows about the influence that major search engines hold over the visibility of your website with SEO. However, no one has full access to the scales by which Google, Yahoo and Bing determine their search results. This does not mean that there is no way to quantify and improve your position in search results. Website metrics such as Domain Authority and Page Authority can play an extremely vital role in helping webmasters understand how their websites are performing against competitors and beating them to the top of the search engine rankings. These scales have been proven to work in favor of sites that are looking for increased visibility within the major search engines. For the uninitiated, Domain authority is a numerical value or score that is assigned to a domain indicating its ability to rank well on search engines. The Domain Authority score is computed using over 40 signals…