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How to Build a Successful Blog in 8 Simple Steps.

Dreary morning commutes, endless gazing into the computer and living for the weekends.

Sounds like your life?

Well, you are not alone.

Corporate careers are great. Except for the 2-week vacations, tight deadlines, lousy pay and slow career growth.

If you want to escape the daily 9-5 grind, STARTING YOUR OWN BLOG is one way to do it.

By starting your own blog, you can decide if you want to work 3 hours or 5. You can decide if you want to take time off and relax with your family.

You can choose to surf all day and work in the evenings. Or, you can choose to work from the comfort of a hammock, while vacationing in the Caribbean islands.

What Mom Never Told You About Blogging

My mom told me, Eddie – “take a look at all those moms who blog. They are so organized and plan everything in detail. Why are you so disorganized?” As the saying goes, you mom is never wrong. I took up a planner and began planning my goals and targets for the year 2016.

Things are much organized now and I’m happy that I’m able to free up some time in my schedule to focus on the smaller things that brings happiness to me.

Since my mom was so good at giving advise, I decided to ask her about blogging. I was stumped, there was so much she knew that she never ever told me when I started off 8 years ago. Blogging has been a learning curve for me for almost 8 years and I still learn new things.

Its exciting and fun but the journey to make money with a blog could have been much sooner if I’d known about the various strategies and facts about blogging.


Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Its important that you keep your cool with email marketing irrespective of the mistakes you make. If you lose control of what you are doing everything will go haywire. Simply apply the email marketing best practices and keep moving forward. You are bound to make some mistakes and you will learn along the way to overcome them.

What makes you a better email marketer is the ability to take charge and take action.

Every marketing email should have a few essential components and ensuring that your marketing email has them is meeting your goal half way. People make mistakes with email marketing because they are afraid that they do not know enough or they just don’t do enough research on the subject and some times they just don’t have a clue.

Its in times like these that bloggers and email marketers make mistakes that cost them dearly. Mark an old friend made the biggest mistake of not understanding industry best practices before starting his email marketing business.

But by the time he realized what went wrong they had drove his business into the ground. This is why its important that you pay close attention to the email marketing mistakes highlighted in this article.


7 Things I Learned From Stay At Home Mom Bloggers

Over the last few months after I got back home from my trip to the United States I’ve been following and studying a lot of mommy bloggers or the stay at home moms who blog. These are some powerful bloggers. In the past I have underestimated their potential and their ability to be bloggers and money makers. But as I grew older and began following their work online my opinion of them soon changed.

Blogging is for everyone and I mean everyone. Anyone can become a blogger, even if they do not know or have the ability to become one. The best part of the last three months researching is that I’ve learned a lot from stay at home mom bloggers that It has literally changed my perspective of what makes a blogger.

There are one too many things that even I’ve neglected as a blogger and a profession that stay at home mom blogs follow religiously. What better way to share the knowledge than to write a blog post, so here I am sharing the piece of wisdom and the power behind mommy bloggers.


5 Questions You Must Answer In Every Blog Post

Why do you blog? Is it to make money? Or solve a problem? Or just for the fun of it. Blogging means different for different people. Not everyone is passionate about becoming a ProBlogger. Whatever type of blogger you choose to be, there are 5 basic questions that your blog post must answer. If your article does these five things then, they are worth to be called blog posts.

Gone are the days when people keep online journals, for that we have social networks. Blogs are being used to power websites and are used as a medium to share knowledge and create awareness. Businesses use blogs as a powerful marketing tool to drive growth and visibility online.

This post will focus on the 5 questions that every blog post should answer and I hope that you are in agreement with me as I share these with you.