What are the Different Kibbe Body Type Systems?

The whole Kibbe body type system is a type of body shape system created by David Kibbe in the 1980s, which emphasizes five different categories. They call it dramatic, gamine, natural, classic, and romantic. It will tell you the difference between the yin and yang in your body.

It might sound new to you, but 13 Kibbe body types exist. There are also different distinct elements in it. There is a lot of info to digest, so take some time to read through the post and refer back to it.

Why Do You Need to Figure Out the Kibbe Body Type?

After the 13 Kibbe body types test is carried out, it is not a mathematical formula. David Kibbe stated that you do not need examinations to know what is your Kibbe type and the only method to become ID’ed properly.

However, someone needs a proper in-person consultation with the person. However, that is not always possible, as well. Kibbe tests work for some people and can narrow down the type.

How to Prepare For a Kibbe Body Type Test?

  1. Take a complete body picture for yourself. The photo should be around the chest height to get a good angle and a proper shape. It has to be a good, full-length photo as well.

When you list a friend or another family member to give you aid in this, you can also use mobile devices with a good self-timer function to attempt this. If there isn’t a tripod, stack several books on the counter to let the phone reach chest level.

It might take several attempts, but it is not impossible. Make sure the phone reaches a 90-degree angle and is not tilted.

  1. Use any type of pen or paper to write down some notes. As we discussed differently, it is not a simple quiz, and you need to know how to respond to it. Further discussion is carried out on how to respond to the examination.
  2. Selfie and other types of cameras can make the face lines seem distorted. Thus, prep up the whole phone that matches the lines on the face. Therefore, take some photos, a bit of smiling, and other neutral things.
  3. Don’t go to the test hoping you get into a specific type. It will break all the different principles of the whole kibble system, and the test is to embrace your unique qualities, but things can be pretty frustrating for a long time. Re-think about a few different things, and do a proper evaluation from another perspective.
  4. Accept that the answer might not be final, and the solution might also require careful tweaking.

There are so many kibbe experts there, and there is a lot of other misinformation, so take that information, do some proper evaluation, take several suggestions and then tweak accordingly.

Can the Kibbe ID change?

The body ID will not change, but you should evaluate your body after 25 to get the best results. The body ID will become more apparent as time passes.


Now that you know some things about the 13 kibbe body types test, it is time to test the quiz.

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