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What Makes Your Home Smarter?

With the penetration of the internet in our daily life and smart home products getting cheaper every day, our dream of having our own smart home is getting closer inch by inch. The components of a smart home consist of many products with interdependence to connect and respond to particular commands.

Though these smart products connect with a hub and respond accordingly, it is not all the time needed because you can sometimes control these devices with your smartphones also. Different sensors and smart lights, televisions, smart thermostats, and whatnots can be operated with the touch of a smartphone only. There can be several devices for your own smart home, but here I am listing some of them to start building your smart home.

Smart Lights: 

Imagine while you enter your house, at every step the ceiling lights get on and as you enter to your bedroom in the night time the light gets dimmer. This dream is the most common to everyone who is thinking of building their own smart home, and for that, you need smart lights that communicate over Wi-Fi and can be controlled by smartphones.

Smart Thermostat:

Those residing in extreme weather conditions and needing a room heater to tackle the cold outside may need a device like this that will work following the outside temperature to give proper and comfortable heating with no human interventions. Even if there is a need to change the temperature, you will be able to do it, sleeping comfortably on your couch with a click on the smartphone.

Smart Speakers:

Many people with less money tend to use smart speakers as the hub or the center point of the smart home as you can command them to do anything related to other smart products. This is possible because when the smart home concept was not in trend, many big companies tried to popularize these speakers in the past.

It was able to make only phone calls and play your favorite song with the voice command at that time. But right now, it’s the other smart product makers who have accepted these speakers wholeheartedly, and thus, it is possible to turn off or on lights, control temperature, or even switch off the television with a particular command to the speakers. It also needs a good internet connection and a wireless router around it to function correctly.

Security Cameras:

security camera

A perfect security camera will help you to keep an eye on the possible sneakers to your home and notify you in advance. These smart cameras work as a deterrent. Inside, you can use these cameras for your dog and your baby whether they are planning to do any mischief behind your back. You can always see what’s happening from your smartphone because these live feeds are also coming to your smartphone app.

Smart Audio Systems:

Many audio equipment makers are now making smart multi-room speakers which can play songs with a command from any part of the room. This audio system is a little different from smart speakers because most of the time, it is connected with TV and uses audio enhancers kept at other parts of the room to listen to your favorite songs from any music streaming platform. Smart TVs can also be installed along with these speakers to stream your favorite movies just like a PC and enjoy it with your family.

❖ Smoke Detectors:  

When dealing with high-end products, you should have smart smoke detectors if any mishap happens. Most smoke detectors can also sense the carbon monoxide level in your home and send alarm notifications to make indoor air pollution-free.


If you are willing to make your home smarter you can try to implement these at your home. Each one of these is made thinking in mind the need to make your home smarter and better for the future.

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